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Born in New Zealand, raised in wild weather.
The perfect environment in which to re-think the umbrella. Our rugged isolation encourages innovation. Blunt continues in this tradition.

re-thinking the umbrella

reuse reuse reuse

Every year, millions upon millions (upon millions) of umbrellas breakin very ordinary weather conditions due to poor design, cheap materialsand cost cutting manufacturing.

Blunt™ is an entirely new rethink of an outdated product design.

An umbrella that works.

re-thinking design

Every detail is considered.

Blunt™ umbrellas are designed from the inside out. They have been engineered. A Blunt™ is not just another pretty umbrella. 

Our umbrellas feature patented Blunt™ tips and telescopic ribs that form an integral part of our unique radial tensioning system (RTS) creating the world’s only fully tensioned umbrella.

tested to extremes

Wind is what puts most umbrellas into landfill.

As part of our design process, all our models are independantly wind tunnel tested to speeds well in excess of every day use.

And because most people never use umbrellas inside wind tunnels, we also use real world testing to make sure our umbrellas perform.

We break them so you don’t have to.

relentless quality

It’s one thing to make one perfect umbrella butanother to make a perfect umbrella every time.

With our relentless passion to create the best possible umbrellas,we put every single umbrella through a 38 point quality control check before it reaches you.

Built to perform. Built to last.

the Blunt™ experience

Don’t let rain stop play.

While most umbrellas fail at the slightest hint ofweather, Blunt™ loves all weather conditions. Once you’ve used a Blunt™ you’ll realise how umbrellas should always have been. As well as keeping you dry, our fabric is UVR classified to provide UV-protection.

Come rain, hail or shine. We love weather. So will you.

fully supported

Our belief is that we don’t want to make products that just end up in landfill. 

As part of the solution to this problem, our umbrellas are designed to be repaired and not thrown away. In the unlikely event that a Blunt fails and we can’t repair it, we will replace it.

We stand by our products.

"its architectural integrity as unbroken as the dome of St. Peter’s"

be part of the solution